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Cavity treatment

Do you have a toothache, a cavity, a removed filling, or a stinging sensation from cold or hot food? We strive to provide dental treatment that minimizes pain, and to avoid grinding or pulling teeth as much as possible. We recommend early treatment if you feel toothache.


Pediatric dentistry

In addition to "cavity treatment" for children's dental health, "cavity prevention" is also important. Since the growth of the jaw at an early age affects future dentition, periodic checkups during the period when children's teeth are changing, prevention, early detection of abnormalities, and treatment will lead to a beautiful set of teeth and healthy teeth in the future. Our clinic focuses on preventive dentistry to avoid cavities and to prevent recurrence of tooth decay. 


Preventive dentistry

We provide preventive dental care tailored to each patient's life stage to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. After treatment, we offer a variety of preventive dentistry menus including regular dental maintenance to check the condition of the mouth, teeth cleaning and tooth brushing instruction to keep teeth healthy.


Periodontal disease treatment

Periodontal disease has few symptoms in its early stages, but gum disease treatment is necessary when the gums begin to swell, gums bleed, gums are red and swollen, teeth feel lifted, or teeth become wobbly. As gum disease progresses, the gums become swollen and pus begins to appear, the teeth become wobbly, and eventually the teeth need to be extracted. Our clinic will provide examination, regular maintenance, treatment, toothbrush instruction, and tartar removal.

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